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About Us

Vape Heaven are a small batch E-liquid manufacturer, we are committed to producing only the finest premium E-liquids. We source all our ingredients from reputable UK suppliers and manufacturers who use only raw materials made in the UK. Our mixologist is an experienced professional who has worked for and with prestigious vape houses to manufacture award-winning e-liquids that are loved by millions.

In today’s vape market, cheap e-liquids are sold at premium prices. However, at Vape Heaven, we work on lower margins than the majority of e-liquid manufacturers, which allows us to bring you the highest quality E-liquids at competitive prices.

Vape Heaven was founded by Edwin and his friend James, Edwin was inspired to start an online vape shop after tasting a disposable vape device that James was vaping. The business started off well and orders were coming in, unfortunately some people should only be friends and you should never enter into business with them so they parted ways as business partners and remain friends to this day.

Soon Edwin found himself hooked on disposable vapes and that was costing him a small fortune. Edwin started searching for an e-liquid that tasted like a disposable but could not find any. He approached white label companies to manufacture for him, but none could deliver a quality product with the taste he desired from a disposable.

As Vape Heaven grew, Edwin started meeting people through his Facebook page, Instagram, and forums, which led him to his mixologist, who has made award-winning e-liquids. He has chosen to collaborate with Vape Heaven to create exceptional e-liquids because he has the freedom to manufacture what he wants, regardless of cost.

With his expertise and Edwin’s drive to find an e-liquid that tasted like a disposable, “Disposable Vape Juice” was born. It took vape heaven seven months to develop and manufacture their first eight flavours, which they are incredibly proud of. They believe “Disposable Vape Juice” will give any Disposable vape a run for its money.